Take Care of Transmission Problems

Take Care of Transmission Problems

Trust us with your transmission repair or replacement in Corinth, ME

Your vehicle's transmission is crucial for shifting gears and protecting your engine. You should have your transmission serviced every 50,000 miles to keep it in good working order. When it's time for a transmission replacement or repair, rely on the experts at Sherwood's Auto Repair of Corinth, ME for a thorough job.

We'll check everything, from the fluid level to the gear shift capabilities to make sure your transmission is up to scratch.

Bring your car in today for a free diagnosis.

What happens if you neglect your transmission?

Bringing your car in for a transmission repair as soon as you notice a problem is a smart choice. If your transmission fails, it could:

  • Damage your engine or other parts
  • Cause you to have an accident
  • Lead to a costly replacement

We can diagnose and repair the problem in a timely manner. Call 207-884-9184 now to schedule transmission repair or transmission replacement services Corinth, ME.